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Vanessa Trump Wore $12,500 Ivanka Trump Earrings on Inauguration Day

Vanessa Trump Wore $12,500 Ivanka Trump Earrings on Inauguration Day Donald Trump Jr, with his wife Vanessa and children depart St. John’s Church in Washington, DC, after a service for U.S. President-elect Trump, January 20, 2017. On Inauguration Day, Vanessa Trump attended her father-in-law’s swearing-in ceremony wearing a burgundy coat with a cowl collar. Donald Trump Jr.’s wife accessorized with pearl and diamond dangly earrings that just so happen to be from Ivanka Trump’s fine jewelry company — and cost $12,500.

Boys steal Nike clothing from JC Penny's

Six young men took Nike-brand clothes without paying for them, according to police.

Delia's Is Baaaaack! Here Are 5 Stars We Think Should Partner with the Online Retailer

The '90s clothing retailer has returned -- and will be opening online and via catalog for fall!

The Sentinel commented Asda worker caught putting stolen clothes in the bin after being...

WAREHOUSE worker Paul McCue was caught red-handed putting stolen clothes in the bin when he feared he had been rumbled.The 32-year-old 'succumbed to temptation' and helped himself to clothing from the Asda distribution warehouse in Newcastle where he worked.He placed them in a holdall and tried to walk out the building at the end of his shift. But he was seen by security staff and tried to dump ...

Clothing Warehouse will close at the end of this month

The Clothing Warehouse, the vintage store on East Franklin Street, is going out of business by the end of April. It is having a going-out-of-business sale.

Best Maternity Clothing Stores In Los Angeles

Every woman needs a stylish – and über-comfy – pair of jeans, especially when she's pregnant.

Top Kids Clothing Stores In Denver

Top kids clothing stores in Denver are located from Parker to Broomfield and places in between.

Best Kids Clothing Stores In The Bay Area

It is easy to find beautiful clothes for kids at high prices, but when reality sets in and cost is a concern don’t give up cuteness and quality for a lower price tag. Smart boutiques and consignment shops offer affordability for Bay Area moms.

Directioner Asked To Wash Niall Horan’s Golf Caddy Outfit. Wears It Instead.

Ashleigh Sokie causes a Twitter storm after posting photos wearing Niall’s clothes…

A Brief History of Unisex Fashion

Gender-neutral clothing is back in vogue, but the craze in many ways has mirrored broader social changes throughout the 20th century.

Dundee clothes shop to deliver outfits at the drop of a hat

Jenna Maudlin, of Arkive Clothing, with the new website, which will offer to deliver to customers in Dundee and Arbroath within hours. D C Thomson It’s happened to everyone — you’ve been invited to a party but when you open the wardrobe there’s nothing to wear.

One Direction fan tasked with washing Niall Horan's clothes wears them

Ashleigh Sokie was asked to wash One Direction's Niall Horan's clothes while he was staying in Augusta in Georgia for the US Masters, and then decided to try them on for size herself.

Best Kids Clothing Stores In New York City

As quickly as the seasons change, it seems like your son or daughter has grown another six inches and it's time to buy new clothes again. New York is all about fashion and that even extends to the littlest ones. Here are the top five stores to find kids clothes in.

UK inflation holds at record low of 0.0%

Fall in clothing and gas prices boosts disposable incomes as CPI measure stays at zero putting Britain on the brink of deflation Britain’s inflation rate has held at its record low of zero, giving disposable incomes a boost and leaving the country on the brink of deflation . The Office for National Statistics said inflation, as measured by the consumer prices index, held at zero in March ...

H&M pays Swedes to return unwanted clothes

Scandinavia’s biggest fashion chain is promising to recycle any old clothes brought into its stores by customers as part of a giant clothing amnesty.

Om Puri unhappy about the state of lovemaking scenes in Bollywood films

Om also wants to know why Indian actors do lovemaking scenes with their clothes on. "Where in the world, and how, do people make love with their clothes on? It's ridiculous. If you don't want to show actors without their clothes, just shoot the faces. There is no point in shooting an unconvincing love scene. I am sorry to say our love-making scenes are highly unaesthetic."

Kim Kardashian West's hand-me-downs

Kim Kardashian West is creating an ''archive'' of all of her clothes so she can hand them down to her 21-month-old daughter North.

D-Backs made Dodgers fans behind home plate change clothes?

© SportsNet LA Did the Diamondbacks make Dodgers fans change their clothes? Did the Arizona Diamondbacks once again coerce some Los Angeles Dodgers fans who were on camera to change their clothes?

How to Keep Your White Clothes White

During summer, white clothes are put on heavy rotation. White tees, white button-downs, white dresses, or even white canvas sneakers become your go-to uniform because they look refreshing to the eye and don't absorb as much heat as darker fabrics. The biggest challenge?

Will Smart Clothing Amp Up Your Workout?

Startups are developing clothing with sensors that measure heart rate, breathing and muscle activity. Fitness enthusiasts are the target market. But the garments could be used for health care, too.

The Neurological Pleasures of Fast Fashion

In wealthy countries around the world, clothes shopping has become a widespread pastime, a powerfully pleasurable and sometimes addictive activity that exists as a constant presence, much like social media. The Internet and the proliferation of inexpensive clothing have made shopping a form of cheap, endlessly available entertainment—one where the point isn’t what you buy so much as it's the act ...